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Exercise, Day 3: Let’s Hear It For the Boy!

Andy is my hero.  Yesterday, when the treadmill blew up, he came right down here, took it apart and tried to fix it.  The electric motor was completely shot, so he did everything from checking for replacement parts online to trying to remove enough material to make it into a manual.  No dice.  He then went out to drive to our usual repair places to see if anyone in town could fix it.  He came away empty handed from that too, and finally decided that A) we needed a treadmill (or at least I do), and B) repairing the Vitamaster 820 was going to cost over $100 anyway, so we might as well just bite the bullet and get a new one anyway.



December 31, 2008 at 9:42 am 6 comments

Exercise, Day 2: Treadmill Woes

Today I came down here to find that my treadmill belt had somehow shifted all the way to the right on its running board.  This, in addition to the unpleasant odor the motor gives off once I’ve been walking awhile, does not bode well for this particular run.  Andy was able to sort out the belt, but he predicts that the motor will go out ‘pretty soon’.  The smell is definitely not a good sign.


December 30, 2008 at 12:19 pm 6 comments

Exercise, Day 1: Mixing it up.

Well, I survived the Christmas season, and managed to lose a pound of weight in the process.  Not too shabby.  Back in the old WW days, we were just happy to get through the holidays without gaining, so a 1-pound loss is probably still something to write home about.  Besides, I noticed yesterday that I can now comfortably fit in my size 20 pants, whereas before I was squeezing into size 22/24.  I am resolved, therefore, to celebrate it as a success and move on. (more…)

December 29, 2008 at 1:48 pm 3 comments

ADF/WW: Weigh In

Starting Weight Overall:  241 (Wii Fit), 245 (Bathroom Scale)

First Week:  229 (Wii Fit), 231 (Bathroom Scale)

Last Week:  225 (Wii Fit), 227 (Bathroom Scale)

This Week: 224 (Wii Fit), 226 (Bathroom Scale)

So, in this last week, I lost one pound.  Not too bad, all things considered.  Would have been nice to lose more, but considering I lost five pounds in three weeks over the Christmas season, there’s not much there to complain about.  I’m surprised I didn’t GAIN.

So now we throw in some light to moderate exercise and see what that does for me. 🙂

December 29, 2008 at 9:51 am 1 comment

ADF/WW: Day 21

Done and Done.  Today’s the last day, and I’m dutifully journalling my food, like a good girl.

Yesterday was weird, though.  I noticed something interesting.  I had a breakfast that consisted of cereal, some salted pistachios  and an Asiago Cheese Bagel, which basically meant that I’d blown a good 16 or something right out of the box.  I was good for lunch and had a plate of veggies and dip with some strawberries.  I snacked on a couple of cookies, though, so by the time I tallied everything up, I had exactly 1 point left over for dinner.  Yuck. (more…)

December 28, 2008 at 2:39 pm

ADF/WW: Day 20

One more day to go.   I think one of my main goals with this particular round was to get myself to the point where taking the time to journal my eating habits was no longer something I viewed as a chore.  That hasn’t been an easy goal to achieve, even given the snazzy online interface I get to use with WW Online.  However, I am now finding that I feel sort of ‘at loose ends’ when I haven’t journalled my food, which is good.   Whether it’s a hassle or not, journalling gives me a sense of control over my habits, and I like feeing in control of that part of my life now.  When I don’t journal, I feel sort of lost.

You might understand, then, why I find it aggravating in the extreme when the WW site isn’t loading properly. >_<  I’ve spent the last twenty minutes trying to put in the data for a new cereal I’m trying, and it won’t let me add it.  BAH.  This happens once in awhile, so I know it’ll self correct eventually. But right now is when I’m sitting here trying to add it, so it would be really nice if it worked, you know, right now.

Enough crabbing.  While I wait for it to figure out what it’s doing, I’ll review the QOD Diet book, which I finished last night.  I know I’d said I was going to read it this weekend, but it turns out almost 50% of the book is comprised of appendices and excerpts from Dr. Daugiridas’ blog, so it was a much faster read than expected.


December 27, 2008 at 12:06 pm 2 comments

ADF/WW: Day 19

The Morning After.. Bleh. (more…)

December 26, 2008 at 11:25 am 2 comments

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